Wool Grades

Wool Used in Knitwear

Here’s a handy Jamilia Designs list of the different grades of wool. We use Mohair in the main and also recycled silk

Virgin wool

Taken from the labs’s first shearing at around 7 months. This is the softest and finest wool produced.

Virgin wool can also refer to wool that has never been used, processed, or woven before. This type of virgin wool can come from an adult sheep so ask if you wish to know the difference.

Super Wools

Super wools receive their classification by the count or the finesses of the yarn. The measurement used is ‘microns’ and the more fibres used per square inch means the finer the cloth. Categories include: Super 100′s, Super 110′s, Super 120′s, and Super 150′s.

Boiled Wool

A washing process is applied to knitted wool to make a dense, durable, and water resistant fabric. Boiled wool has the suppleness of a knit with the shape retention of a woven fabric. It has two-way stretch and is usually soil resistant. Boiled wool is used to make hats, gloves, scarves, and a variety of outerwear.

Worsted Wool

Means it has been manufactured in Worstead, England. It’s been made there since the eighteenth century. Wool fibers are spun into compact, smoothly twisted yarn before weaving or knitting. The wool then goes through a second combing process, which removes unwanted short fibers. Because the remaining long-staple fibers lay flat and parallel, worsted wool is a popular choice for suiting and dress trousers.

Tropical Weight Wool

This is a two-ply, plain weave, worsted wool that is sturdy but lightweight, airy, and breathable. Tropical wool (or `summer weight wool) is used in the production of warm-weather suits and other clothing items.


This is lambskin or sheepskin that has been tanned with the wool still adhering to the skin. It is luxuriously soft, naturally moisturizing, and used in high-quality outerwear and slippers.

Flannel, fleece, gabardine, and tweed are all popular fabrics that are made from sheep’s wool or a sheep’s wool blend.